Shepherd Glen School, Hamden, CT

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56,000 SF
$26 Million

  • Built in 1972, the school serves students in kindergarten through sixth grade.  The entire school will be renovated as new

  • Interior improvements and renovations will include a full upgrade to all accessible related spaces.   All windows and doors will be replaced throughout the building

  • The existing gymnasium will receive new flooring and finishes and will be converted into the cafeteria, faculty room and kitchen  

  • Portions of the north and south walls will be removed and a curtain wall system installed in its place to allow for more natural light into the space

  • Each of 4 larger open classrooms “units” will be converted into 5 enclosed classrooms accessed off of a shared space intended for group work and shared resources

  • Kindergarten unit and art room will be converted smaller scale layouts.  Each classroom will be outfitted with digital projectors, white and tack boards

  • The open, centrally located Media Center will be partially enclosed to accommodate computer rooms and offices