Introduction to Our Firm

At Silver/Petrucelli + Associates, we believe that true quality can only be attained when the highest standards are in place and best practices are consistently employed. Having each of the firm’s disciplines led by a senior partner ensures that those two key ingredients are in place at every phase of every assignment. We also believe that quality is defined by more than just the end results. The one hundred plus years of combined experience shared by our principals helps us move projects through their various stages in an orderly manner with as little disruption to our clients’ normal activities as possible.

No matter how well planned, projects are always subject to unforeseen variables. Our experience and expertise allow us to find creative and comprehensive solutions to ensure that schedules are kept and budgets are met. And that – to us – is the very definition of reliability.

During the lifespan of a project, there is no one point in time where collaboration between the client and the firm becomes any more or less important. Still, while open communication is essential, different clients require different levels of involvement. Our relationships are always structured to accommodate the divergent needs of the entities we serve.